We help your local church become missional, multicultural, and innovative.

Our resources for Churches and Pastors give you stories and strategies from places where the Church is alive and thriving. We share ideas, innovations, and trends from leaders all over the world, helping you and your church grow.

Pastoral coaching & mentoring

Need clarity in your ministry goals? Need support and guidance from someone with experience and insight?

Graham Joseph Hill offers 1:1 coaching and mentoring to pastors and other Christian leaders.

Graham can help you find new ways to meet the challenges and opportunities of global Christianity, to help you stay inspired, focused, and relevant.

Meet with Graham throughout the year to get support via face-to-face or online sessions.

Find out about Graham’s 1:1 coaching here

Church consulting

Graham Joseph Hill can tailor consulting sessions to meet the unique needs of your church and your situation.

Graham can help you and your team find clarity, and set proactive strategies for growth. Discover how your church can better serve your multi-ethnic and multi-cultural congregation.

Graham brings years of consulting expertise in developing missional and multicultural churches, leading church revitalisation and change, and developing leaders and teams.

Talk to Graham about his consulting service here

Speaking and seminars

Graham Joseph Hill is available to speak and teach at your church on a range of topics including (but not limited to):

  • fostering spiritual growth
  • developing Christian leadership and teams
  • cultivating missional and multicultural churches
  • renewing Christian discipleship
  • leading change and transformation
  • learning from Majority World churches, mission, worship, and discipleship
  • inspiring innovation and creativity in your church

Make a booking for Graham to come and speak at your event.

Videos with small group study guides

Learn from other Christian leaders around the world. Discover ways that other churches have found renewed growth, increased vitality and relevance.

The GlobalChurch Project films inspiring video interviews with church leaders from multicultural, minority, indigenous, and Majority World backgrounds.

Each video allows you and your team to hear previously unheard voices: voices from diverse women and men, young and old, from all cultures, giving you a fresh perspective on the church, its role, its relevance and its future.

Each video comes with a study guide for ministry teams and small groups.

Access videos here

Books on the global church

Purchase Graham’s insightful and useful books, to share with your ministry and team. Graham Joseph Hill has published several books:

Globalchurch: Reshaping our conversations, renewing our mission, revitalizing our churches

Salt, light, and a city: Introducing missional ecclesiology

Signs of hope in the city: Renewing urban mission, embracing radical hope

Servantship: Sixteen servants on the four movements of radical servantship

Buy the books here online  



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